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IRC server : (one of them) /server oslo.no.eu.undernet.org 6666

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Santa in the form of Angelu.


The winter is here and as it gets colder and more unpleasent to get out of bed. It's 25 days till X-mas eve. And we all know that's when we gets some presents and shit. This year I'm aspecially exited, cause I get to celebrate X-mas with total stranger, cause my sister has had a baby and the hysterical grandmother, the mother of my sisters deadbeat boyfriend, was so scared that she wouldent get to spend X-mas with the infant. Go figure, like he's gonna understand shit, well anyways, this might make this X-mas the shittiest ever. So there for I desided to do something I love, and that's using my artistic abilities and give the #Norway page a little pick me up. Hope you all enjoy it and Merry Fucking X-mas.


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