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Important Info When looking for the channel #Norway

IRC server : (one of them) /server oslo.no.eu.undernet.org 6666

/join #Norway

Still only a few quotes but more are to come!

[9:57am]  Oeuf-p3: Porfiry: I want to slap you so hard with my cock of steel
[9:57am]  shynn: owwwwwwwwwww
[9:57am]  shynn: is that wat u mean
[9:57am]     (?)     direman (~rrezr@ quit (Quit)
[9:57am]  shynn: im willing to be slap w/ ur cock only
[9:58am]  Oeuf-p3: Well what did you think i meant, silly?
[9:58am]  Oeuf-p3: I want to force it down your throat and make you chock on raw cum
[9:58am]  DeSpaire: private you fucking gay ppl
[9:59am]  Oeuf-p3: LOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
[9:59am]  shynn: ok
[9:59am]  Oeuf-p3: DeSpaire: but it is so dead in here, why bother privating?
[9:59am]  Porfiry: it is getting just a touch gay in here
[9:59am]  DeSpaire: it's bothering me
[9:59am]  Porfiry: but I agree, I think sexuality should be right out in the open
[10:00am]  DeSpaire: it's always some dude and another dude
[10:00am]  Oeuf-p3: shynn: come to #iceland and we can lust over each other there
[10:00am]  DeSpaire: talking about cocks and stuff
[10:00am]  DeSpaire: why can't some girls come in here
[10:00am]  Oeuf-p3: and massively enjoyable
[10:00am]  DeSpaire: and talk about boobs and pussy ?
[10:00am]  Oeuf-p3: that is an intersting question
[10:00am]  shynn: ok
[10:00am]  shynn: yuh ryt
[10:01am]  Oeuf-p3: DeSpaire: the lusty man has joined my domain, weŽll take the sick filth in there :)
[10:01am]  shynn: ok
[10:01am]  Porfiry: I think chicks come in here and talk about their pussies all the time
[10:01am]  Porfiry: you must have just missed it
[10:01am]     (?)     foreign_m (~Challa@232.80-203-117.nextgentel.com) enters #norway
[10:01am]  DeSpaire: Porfiry riiight

If the text on this page is in anyway affending you, I suggest you dont join us.



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