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What is IRC?

  IRC is a drug.

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Important Info When looking for the channel #Norway

IRC server : (one of them) /server oslo.no.eu.undernet.org 6666

/join #Norway

The Admins.
When they speak the earth rumbles and heaven bends.

The channel admins are a group of high trusted persons, and every single one of them have the permission to add new ops, (and also to remove op's that don't act as an adult). As for the operators who want to become a member of the Admin's you should be able to do something for the channel, and of course be one that we all can trust.


Nick Role Sex   Temper
Conrad SeniorAdmin M   Unstable
Daffy_D Admin M   Unknown
^Lucifer Admin F   Mellow
^mICK Admin M   Insane
Ruthless Manager M   Mild
Tolky Admin M   Unstable
Weird Admin M   All over the place
Prowler Admin M   Unstable
Angelu WebAdmin F   Unstable

If you are a admin, or feeling you are and not on this list, and you would like to see your nick here, the you need to send Angelu a mail or a pm.



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