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  IRC is a drug.

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Important Info When looking for the channel #Norway

IRC server : (one of them) /server oslo.no.eu.undernet.org 6666

/join #Norway

The Rules.
We have spoken, it is the LAW!

You should behave like an adult. What way should an adult behave you might ask? Well, most of us won't know as we are all either insane, on drugs, alcoholics or plain stupid. But as we say, as long as the operator is happy we don't care, and if he/she is unhappy then you might feel the wrath of the god/godess you pissed off.

1. No colors
2. No porn (unless its nude pictures of yourself that you want us to post on the website.)
3. No warez
4. No repeaters (it doesnt get funnier or more interesting the second, third and even fourth time you say the same lame shit!)
5. Try and keep the CAPSLOCK down to a minimum (No one likes a screamer, unless theire fucking your brains out, and then get to leave right after there done, and even then you really need to be a good fuck for it to be ok)
6. Do not bother the ops with useless and tireless questions. (and even if we live in Oslo dont mean we know that girl or that guy and so on. Norway is a BIG FUCKING COUNTRY, not a small town, shitthead.)
7.ASL, please are you braindead? Spend some time instead. (and anyone looking for someone to marry in norway, well lets face it, we probebly wont care, find you atractive, or give a bloody ass shit about you looking for a husband or wife.)
8. No /join #this channel, #that channel. (kickban) (#Norway is the only chan for us)
9. Speak English or Norwegian or shut up. (that means you wannabies thinking your fucking funny, when in fact no one understands a shitty little word youre saying, not that they would give a rats ass if they could understand you, anyways.)
10. Any type of flooding will result in kickban. (again its only funny ones, if its funny at all.)
11. And please asking, begging for either op or voice will result in kick, then kickban, depending on the op, or the ops state of mind.
12. And let's keep the racial remarks down to a minimum. (That goes for all you motherfucking muslims coming in our channel and then just rawing all kinda shit about us norwegian folks, just because you have some kinda stupid ide about how we are dont make it so, as a matter of fact, it makes it just rawing bullshit, so next time, just bugger off!)

If you follow these few rules, and donít fuck up in any other way, chances are you'll be very welcome and you'll enjoy your stay.



Copyright © 2004 #Norway -Angelu-