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  IRC is a drug.

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Important Info When looking for the channel #Norway

IRC server : (one of them) /server oslo.no.eu.undernet.org 6666

/join #Norway

Welcome Mortal.

This is the home of all the insane, disolutional, alcoholic and other substance abuser of the channel #NORWAY on undernet.org. Since we really don't have any lives, we usually meet on IRC. And the Undernet channel #NORWAY, here we amuse ourselves by abusing anyone foolish or bold enough to wander carelessly into our chan. We have serious discussions about foolish shit and foolish discussions about serious shit. We seem to be drunk or under the influence of some kind of drug at all times. And might so forth be hard to understand, but once you get to know us you'll find us to be really nice insane substance abusers and just right down strange people. And then all we say will make good sense and be very understandable. Then you, like us, will be a fully member of the #NORWAY clan. Until then you'll have to just try and try harder.



Copyright 2004 #Norway -Angelu-